Citadines Mount Sophia

Asian Toys Series

Photographic Print, (39x270cm), 2008
Artist:  Russel Wong (b.1961), Singapore
Location:  Citadines Mount Sophia Level 1, Singapore


This work features five types of traditional “toys” played by Asians: marble, shuttlecock, five-stones, lantern and paper ball. Photographer Russell Wong used monochrome to capture images of these toys but added colours to highlight certain parts of them thereby making them special. A much enlarged image of each toy is displayed in the lift lobby of every residential floor to give them an identity; together they add a local touch to Citadines Mount Sophia.

Artist’s Biography

Russel Wong began his career during his undergraduate years by taking photographs of star athletes. He then moved on to shooting commercial photographs and expanded his portfolio to include taking portraits of high-profile sports celebrities as well as Hollywood and Asian superstars. He has 16 TIME cover shots to his name. Wong is considered to be the "Richard Avedon of Asia".

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Mount Sophia Cityscape
Asian Toys Series


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